The Secret

NMTechCollage225x300Ready for the SECRET to making your dreams come true…step by step? Here it is.

1. First, KNOW what your dream is. Let’s face it:  Hardship and heartbreak can leave a lot us in “survivor mode”, where we’re just trying to make it through another day. Oftentimes our dreams get buried, and we can’t even remember what lights our fire anymore. Sometimes, sad to say, we ‘ve never known!  If this is you, brace yourself — you’re about to start the ride of a lifetime! You’re gonna find YOU again — someone beautiful, talented, capable and confident…and with a gift to share with the world! Which leads to the next step…

2. Recognize that YOU have a purpose. Friend, it is NOT an accident that you are walking this planet at this particular moment in time. Nor is it a coincidence that you came across this website and are reading BCJ. There is something unique and magnificent locked up inside of you that the world needs — and that only YOU can offer! Part of our purpose in life is finding that and using that power for good.

3. Recognize that you are not alone — there is a Creative, Life-Giving, Loving Power working on your behalf. There are many mysteries in the universe, and as a budding Physics major, the author is discovering more and more of them. We won’t go into the nature of  Earth’s EMF, neurotransmitters, alpha waves and the such here, thankfully. But, rest assured, there are forces all around us we are just now beginning to understand. Even if you’re not a believer in God, embrace what author Julia Cameron calls “Good Orderly Direction.”

4. Check out the Toolbox tab — and work it!  Before most of us can even think about dreaming again, we need to start healing. The Toolbox has some AWESOME resources to get you started. Check them out thoroughly, because they are simply revolutionary– and many are free! In the meantime, we strongly recommend beginning with “The Artist’s Way” or Barbara Sher’s “Wishcraft.” These are powerhouse books/courses that will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made — and they’re not just for artists! Whatever your walk in life, if you’re blocked, lacking passion or  just floating through life — and hating it — these are the courses for you.

5. Use the power of visualization. One of the most powerful exercises from The Artist’s Way involve the creation of collages. You simply clip out pictures from magazines that appeal to you — WITHOUT censoring or thinking about what you’re doing. Afterwards, hang them somewhere that is well-trafficked and visible, say, your bedroom wall.  This is a powerful stimulator for your subconscious, and you will be absolutely shocked at what can come about as a result.

6. Anticipate a fight!  Friends, as important and life-giving and even fun as this process can be, it can also be extremely painful. Remember you’re bringing back to life something that has long been dead! It’s like when your foot falls asleep, and you have to deal with the numbness and tingling and heaviness that happens when you shake it back to life again. The short-term pain is totally worth having your foot functioning normally again, and soon the pain is all forgotten. Well, your heart is the same way.  It will be howling, guaranteed, but DON’T RUN AWAY FROM THE PAIN. The pain of staying where you’re at is infinitely greater — and you do NOT want to come to the end of your life with nothing but regrets.

Bottom line: Put on your big boy/girl pants and deal + heal. The result is SO worth it! Now go read The Ballad of Cinderella Jones to check out what this process looks + feels like in real life — and the results that follow!

Happy dreaming (and accomplishing!)

Rooting for you…and lots of love,




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