“Eat, Pray, Love”…For the REST of Us!

Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, LoveWho Can YOU Relate To?                The Year of Yes

Perhaps you’re familiar with Elizabeth Gilberts’ publishing phenomenon (and now Hollywood film!) Eat, Pray, Love.

If not, this is a great read by what appears to be a wonderful lady.  However, let’s face it:  this book is written for, and about, the Other Half. The Year of Yes, on the other hand, is for the REST of us! Bottom line? Cinderella Jones shows you that, with faith, it’s possible to live life adventures and magical moments normally reserved for the privileged among us.  If it’s possible for the author, it’s possible for YOU!

See below for a list of just some of the difference — and commonalities! – between the two authors and their journeys.




Age 32, depressed and suicidal, hit the road

Age 30, depressed and suicidal, hit the road

Traveled to Italy, India and Indonesia for 1 year

Traveled to the Caribbean, Mexico and Spain for 1 year

Grew up with a nuclear family on a Christmas Tree farm.

Grew up with a single mother in a trailer park on the Mexican border.

Upper Middle Class

Working Poor

Grew up with education, professional parents, stability and privilege.

Grew up with a GED and blue collar parents in an abusive home. Later lived in a children’s home and homeless shelter.

WASP/New England roots

Mexican (Sephardic Spanish/Native) and Caucasian/Midwestern roots.

One sister; close to.

One sister; close to. Also a wonderful younger brother.



Owned a suburban home and Manhattan apartment

As a single woman, owned a duplex in a gentrifying neighborhood

Outgoing and friendly, the kind of gal who, according to Gilbert, creates an “instant cocktail party” atmosphere

Friendly but naturally shy, with a hard time trusting others. Frequently been the outcast

Family Favorite

Black Sheep

Currently married to a sensual South American man

Currently in the middle of a divorce from a sensual South American man

Financed her world travel with a $200,000 publisher’s advance

Financed her world travel by selling her home

Gave a house to a single mom from Bali

Gave a car to a single mom from St. Louis — while making 20K a year

Accomplishments: Red-hot writing career; having book made into a film; international New York Times bestseller, et al.

Accomplishments: Mentored by internationally bestselling author; admitted into top science and engineering school; college degree; studying screenwriting in Los Angeles; book contract; working as a professional writer