The Incomparable Mr. Perry

The Incomparable (&  Handsome!) Mr. Perry

Did you know Tyler Perry didn’t really begin to heal until he began TELLING HIS STORY? An Oprah episode is what inspired him, and his writing has taken him to multimillionaire, supermogul status!

Do you have an equally juicy tale that’s just BEGGING to be told? Does everyone tell you that you oughta write a book, or take it to the big screen?

What are you waiting for? I can help! I can even do ghostwriting, if it’s just not something you want to deal with. Here are just a few of my testimonials:


You were amazing to work with yesterday….you really added some awesome perspective.  I learned a lot.”

– Dani Johnson, President, Multi-millionaire and Co-Founder,


Honestly, that was an awesome newsletter that you put together!  VERY VERY well-done. It’s great to see your ability to assimilate lots of facts together in a readable format but yet also write creatively in a way that is persuasive!  Very powerful combination of skills. “

– Adam Short, Director of International Business Operations, Call to Freedom International, LLC


I’m feeling so much better about all this now. When I saw your edits I knew this would really come together….you rock!!”

Monica Romano, Freelance Writer, Messianic Times


I enjoy your good critique notes, rich vocabulary, and solid multicultural insights! Over the last several months I’ve had many thoughts about you and (your screenplay)… want to encourage you that you CAN/SHOULD still write for “the movies”!

– Key Payton, Founder/Director, Script Diagnostics


Besides my extensive writing background, I’ve worked as an arts administrator for one of the finest literary arts centers in the country, served as a first-round reader for the Austin Film Festival and juried the San Antonio Film Festival. If you want real, no b.s. feedback that’s gonna help you get NOTICED, you’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help tell your story. I can walk you through the e-book process, and even the e-marketing piece. I’m HERE TO HELP.

Not quite ready to write? In fact, not even sure where you’re headed? I can help with that, too. Sign up for individual, one-on-one dream coaching — and prepare for the journey of your life! (Note: Don’t let money, or lack thereof, be a deterrent. Let’s see what we can work out!)

Contact me here to learn more and/or set up an appointment. Look forward to hearing from you!