Hello! In an effort to keep this site as super-fresh and FLY as YOU are (sorry, nineties rewrite here), I’d like to welcome you to our new blogalicious web diaryoh yeah!

So, put on your fun hats and get ready to rev!

First topic of the day: What is UP with this Cinderella Jones business? Well, years ago, in a country not so far away, there was a band called Digable Planets. They had a song called “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”, and it was the bomb.  Beautiful bass line, trumpets in all the right places, smooth jazz to a sweet R & B beat. And there was a line there about a certain Cleopatra Jones.

That hooked me. Cleopatra Jones. Quelle genius!  See, Cleo was an everyday gal, a you and me (Ditto with the fellas.)  The princess mixed with the paupers; in fact, she was even disguised as them! And I thought, “hmmmm…. ” And then I thought about Miss Cinderella.

Now unlike most of you, I don’t necessarily think of the sanitized Disney version. If you check out the brothers Grimm (source material!), this story is SERIOUS. She was a victim of child abuse and abandonment. Stepmom was a head case. Step-sisters were…well, you know how it goes.

Bottom line? Little Miss was a textbook case of Oppression. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around her was hellbent on taking her down.

Poverty? Check. Abandonment? Check. Rejection? Check. Object of haters? Check, check, check!  Cindy was groomed for failure in the worst way.

And, she has a lot of sisters and brothers out there! Can you relate? I certainly can.

But, see, the story didn’t end there, as we all know.

So, back to the point, why Cinderella Jones? Because, by virtue of living on this planet, we’re ALL dealing with, recovering from, or actively overcoming oppression. Which is where this site comes in!

I’d like to introduce y’all (yes, we’re based in Texas) to the REAL Fairy Godmothera.k.a. Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah and Ultimate Mensch! To sites and sources and materials and just plain fun to help get your heart beating again, and those chains off your backfor good!

No worries if you don’t believe in magic or fairy tales. Simply explore for the thrill of it! Play. There’s something here for everyone.

Think on that, get exploring, and meet you here again SOON!


– v.

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