“Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you’ll land among MoonandStarsthe stars.”

– Les Brown

An adult survivor of child abuse, Victoria Hanan Iglesias knows what it’s like to to sabotage monster opportunities, because deep down you don’t feel you deserve them.  To be convinced success is selfish, somehow diminishing others. To kill your dreams for that very reason — and die inside as a result.
Finally learning to accept the good gifts in life (duh!), she now has a deep passion for dreams — both YOURS and hers. The result is this website and The Ballad of Cinderella Jones, which are dedicated to helping others inspire their fire! She’s determined to help you take inventory, set goals and ACCOMPLISH your heart’s desire. 
In the meantime, here’s just a representative sample of the author’s dreams-come-true — and if it can happen for her, it can happen for ANYONE.
P.S.  When all of this happened, the author never made more than 30K a year — and usually much less! Adventure is NOT just for those with cash, connections or . maxed-out credit cards. Learn more about travel on the cheap here.
Wanting to help the community Worked as an inner-city schoolteacher and neighborhood block captain — and met AMAZING people in the process.
Wanting to visit NYC Rang in the millennium in Times Square (during the Y2K scare.) Among other NYC adventures, spent time at the World Trade Center Observation Deck located in the South Tower. A year later it wouldn’t exist.
Minding her own business in South America Unearthed an ancient Incan burial site — on accident!
Loving nature Climbed an active volcano in Guatemala and trekked the deepest canyon in the world in Peru.
Dying to learn how to write for film Studied screenwriting in Hollywood. Later juried the San Antonio Film Festival and served as a first-round reader for the Austin Film Festival.
Curious about acting
Worked as an extra in a feature film (“Not That Funny”) and an indie short (“The Dance”)
Wanting to create great art Studied painting, glasswork and music in the Caribbean with absolutely amazing artisans! Also took classes with a world-class flamenco artist in Seville’s Triana district*. Later mentored by bestselling author and MacArthur Fellow Sandra Cisneros in Mexico City. * Was probably her worst student EVER, but that’s beside the point. 🙂
Get physically fit + live abroad Trekked 300 miles across the Spanish countryside (The Camino de Santiago). At the time, was living in Spain.
Interested in Physics In 2013, got accepted in the Physics program at New Mexico Tech — one of the top science and engineering schools in the country!

Bottom line: Miracles follow passion! And even if life has knocked you down for the count, there IS a way to get your passion back! Curious to learn more? Check out The Ballad of Cinderella Jones for FREE, during the month of September!